Welcome to Ginger Buttons Loose Parts

Invite and engage your child in a creative and open ended form of play through purposefully selected loose parts.

All sets are created and boxed with eco friendly products in mind. Using a variety of wooden and reusable objects to create each set. They are then loving boxed using reused and recyclable packaging before being delivered to your door to provide hours of exploration and learning through play.


The Story of Ginger Buttons Loose Parts

Ginger buttons first began its journey in October 2019. I started this journey due to my love of loose parts and the difference I had seen it can make to a child's creativity and imagination through my work as a preschool manager. 

I fell in love with how a none toy item can become and be transformed into so many objects in a child's mind, that we as adults sometimes miss. 

I am also passionate about reducing plastic use, reusing and recycling. Put all this together and Ginger Buttons Loose parts was born.

My mum always called my daughter her ginger button when she was younger, so the name needed little thought, honouring two of the most important people in my life



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