Would you like a new release (sometimes exclusive) box of loose parts and peg doll delivered to your door each month.

With two options to choose from and no minimum contract, why not give it a try.

A new theme each month with a variety of different add on items to further enhance the play opportunities

Choose your pricing plan

  • Silver Subscription

    Every month
    A new 1 peg doll box, delivered to your door each month
    • A £15 loose parts tub with sensory base and a peg doll
    • Postage included in the price
    • Opt in and out as you wish, no minimum contract.
  • Gold subscription

    Every month
    A perfect option to explore this months theme further
    • 2 themed peg dolls
    • 2 bags of malleable (rice, chickpeas, etc)
    • large selection of loose parts
    • Opt in and out as you wish, no minimum contract
    • postage included with price
    • new release each month
nov gold.jpg
Previous subscriptions
nov silver.jpg

Septembers gold box
    Harvest/Scarecrow        themed

Novembers Silver Box
     Winter wonderland