Christmas Eve box

Christmas Eve box

Do you celebrate christmas eve with a christmas eve box? 

This has become the tradition in our house and we love it!


This box has everything you need to create lasting memories and traditions. 



7cm personalised peg doll (personalise the pegdoll colour, name and hair colour and style)

eco friendly reindeer food (oats and coloured crystal sugar) 

A sachet of hot chocolate 

A christmas wish star stone by A pebble and a paint box

A personalised letter from santa, which comes presented in a lovely envelope and wax seal from Calligraphy by Kirsty 

A choice of two books from Usborne from Zara doo book shop 


This box can be made for 1 - 4 children, with each extra child recieving a peg doll and a sachet of hot chocolate. 


UKCA tested for 1year plus. 

Painted stone suitable for children from 3years plus.